5 Plants that are proven for being amazing at purifying the air

Plants can decorate your living room, your bedroom, your balcony but wait, they also work a little harder to make your space healthy.


You can find a number of reasons for “why should I have plants at home?” Reasons will vary from Positivity to a Healthy lifestyle. Here I am writing to introduce 5 Plants that are proven for being amazing at purifying the air in your home. Even NASA has found many plants that purify the air (read here). These plants can save your home from many pollutants present in the air nowadays.

For example, many household items like Detergent, Thinners Gasoline contains Benzene which is harmful to human, Money plant consumes it and can save you.


So, without much blah blah, here goes the list of Plants that purifies the air. Although you can navigate away for buying or for anything else, I suggest you stay and read to end for a nice Surprise


Peace Lily

There are many reasons to have Peace Lilly in your home from its beauty to its low maintenance. But we are going to mention its benefit to your home environment.

  1. It purifies the air – Well that’s why we feature it in the list. Peace lily absorbs benzene, formaldehyde, toluene, xylene, and carbon monoxide which have an adverse effect on humans
  2. It prevents mildew formation – The ideal place for this plant is the moistest place. That’s where chances of mildew formation are high. Since peace lily thrives in moist conditions it consumes extra moisture from the air and hence prevents mildews
  3. Mold Spores Remover – Another benefit of keeping peace lily in damp condition is it saves from mold spores. Mold spores thrive in moist places and since peace lily consumes moisture, it saves from Mold spores too
  4. Absorbs acetone vapor- Nail polish remover, varnish, paints, etc are the source of acetone vapor. Its long exposure can cause headache slurred speech etc, Peace lily absorbs it and saves the day ????

Tip: Peace lily thrives in Moist place, so place it on humid part of your house. well, the bathroom is apt.


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Snake Plant

This plant is the champ in cleaning the air. It absorbs benzene xylene, formaldehyde, and an excessive amount of carbon mono-oxide. Also, it also affects us by increasing productivity, reducing stress, and promoting happy vibes. Isn’t that amazing?

Fun Facts: It's also known as “Mother in law’s Tongue” ????


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Areca Palm


First of all, Isn’t it looks amazing. It brings happy vibes just by looking at it

It feeds on some of the major indoor pollutants namely, acetone, xylene, and toluene. Particularly toluene also affects pregnant women and thus causes developmental disorders in newborns and fetuses. So if you are welcoming new members, you gotta have this baby first.


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Aloe Vera



Well here is one of the most popular indoor plants, Aloe Vera

We all have heard a lot about its benefit by consuming it in some form like applying it on the skin, drinking as juice, etc. But it also purifies air by absorbing formaldehyde and benzene. So now, you have one more reason to have this in your home.

Tip: Aloe Vera loves sun, so pick a sunny spot


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Money Plant



We all have seen it growing in either our place or in neighbors’. Little do we know about its ability to consume formaldehyde and benzene that it’s highly recommended for places where printing is done. It also increases oxygen inflow. It comes with very little maintenance and one amazing benefit of this is once it grows you can cut it and put it in simply plane water. Well yeah, it grows there too. It brings greenery to your home and reduces anxiety.


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Since these, all plants exhibit one common property many sellers sell them in a bundle (individually as well). You can buy all of the above plants all at once by clicking the below buy now button. This is my personal recommendation and I recommend these to you after 6-7 months of personal experience. Yes, I have them all in my place and I love it here. I am sure you will love them too.

Kumar Gaurav

Kumar Gaurav

Gaurav is a fulltime Software Enginner. He has multiple hobbies like painting, chess, etc. He has an extreme interest in the latest technology shifts be it in gadgets or in appliances. He keeps himself updated with the technology that impacts our lifestyle which is why he blogs a lot about latest arrivals in Home appliances, Kitchen appliances and gadgets.