Buyer’s Guide on Washing Machine selection

The advent of washing machines has resolved the issues relating to the remaining neat and clean with regularly washed apparel. It is also one of the necessities for maintaining a hygienic lifestyle. Numerous brands are offering such machines and selecting the right one befitting your requirements and budget could be a daunting task. In such cases, a buyer’s guide on a washing machine can be very useful.


Factors Influencing your Buying Decision

The use of electronic devices has increased manifold in India during the last few decades. Washing machines have appeared as one of the top domestic appliances and one can hardly find a household with a steady income flow without such a machine. Some of the basic factors influencing your washing machine buying decisions are –

  • The type of washing work for which you need such a machine
  • Size and type of your family
  • Your budget for buying one
  • Your specific requirements
  • Washing capacity of the machine

That is why resorting to a buyer’s guide on a washing machine could be the best step to buy the perfect washing machine.

Different Types of Washing Machines

Broadly speaking the main categories of washing machines is automatic and semi-automatic. A couple of sub-categories of automatic washing machines are top loading and front loading.

Different Types of Washing Machines

Features of Semi-Automatic Washing Machines

A comprehensive washing machine guide buying describes the features of semi-automatic washing machines as follows.

  • They are basic washing machines;
  • Such machines have two drums; one for washing and the other for drying;
  • They are the cheapest versions in the market;
  • Many tasks like filling water in the tub, emptying the washed water, taking out the washed clothes, and putting them on the drying tab are carried on manually; and
  • The advantages of using semi-automatic washing machines are that they are energy-efficient, and allow greater control over the operation.

Features of Fully Automatic Washing Machine

Fully automatic washing machines come in two forms. They can be top-loading or front loading. It minimizes the necessities of manual works as most of the tasks including pouring water, washing, and drying are carried out by the machine. While they are expensive and heavier in comparison to semi-automatic machines, the use of advanced technologies by manufacturers makes them more suitable for users. They also come with the features of various types of controls like a quick wash, 30 minutes, 60 minutes, and various other washing timings giving the user to handle them according to convenience. You can resort to buying a washing machine guide India to learn about the details. Manufacturers also provide a user manual to give the buyers an idea about how to best use the machine. However, automatic washing machines consume more energy and require a consistent water supply.

How Top Loading Washing Machine Works

Following are the features of a top-loading washing machine.

  • Clothes to be washed are placed in the machine from the top opening the lid;
  • The machines are connected to a source for continuous water supply;
  • These machines use a single tub for both washing and drying;
  • You can put more clothes while the washing circle is going on; and
  • These machines have fewer options in comparison to their front-loading counterparts.

Features of Front Loading Washing Machines

Features of front loading automatic washing machines are as follows.

  • They are stronger and heftier in comparison to their top-loading counterparts;
  • They make little noise;
  • These machines offer a greater number of options for the user;
  • They are heavier and the user cannot put or take out clothes once the washing cycle has started and till it is over;
  • Front loading machines use a single tub for washing and drying; and
  • Energy and water consumption by these machines are fewer than top-loading machines.

Considering various advantages of front loading automatic washing machines most washing machine buying guides place them in the number 1 position in their ranking ladder.

Factors to Consider in Choosing a Washing Machine

Some of the major factors that should be taken into consideration while buying a washing machine are as follows.

  • The capacity of the washing machine which means how much load it can bear for washing efficiently;
  • Number of programs (usually time-based) if offers for washing;
  • Energy and water consumption level of the machine; and
  • Whether it is suitable for all types of clothes including cotton, synthetic, and woolen wear.

In addition to the above factors, your decision will also be influenced by the number of members in your family and the frequencies of washing operations required.

Buyer’s Guide for Washing Machines for Small Families

Keeping with the modern-day traditions of small families many families consist of only 2-3 members. They will certainly need a washing machine if both members of a couple are going out on the job. They also have to take care of their children for the maintenance of good hygiene. For such people, almost every washing machine guide will recommend the basic washing machine. The capacity of such machines would be two each of shirts and trousers, towels, and pillowcases besides one-bed sheet and child’s clothes. This will be enough for a small family even when the frequencies of washing are greater. When the family has 3-4 members the user can opt for 5kg or 6kg washing machines or even more depending on the family size.


Varying Machine Types for Different Sizes of Families


If the numbers of members in your family are more than 3 the washing machine guide India would recommend using machines with greater capacity to meet your requirements. For instance; if the members of your family are in the range of 3-5 then the ideal capacity will be a 7-8 kg washing machine. That means as the numbers increase the matching capacity also increases. A 10kg washing machine can be the best fit for larger families. Such a machine can take care of 3 each of shirts, trousers, 2-bed sheets, and 6 each of towels and pillow covers in one go.

Washing Programs for Washing Machines

Washing programs offered by different washing machines can vary for each brand. However, there are some common washing programs available in the machines developed by all brands. Such programs are –


  • Quick Wash program that enables you to wash dirty clothes in a 30-minute washing program. Some machines even provide 15 minutes of quick washing programs. Take care to go through the guide to find out whether such programs are available in the machine you have selected. Also, the available program names are displayed on the control panel and you can verify whether such a program is available in the machine.
  • Other time-bound programs with different timing for washing cotton, synthetic, and woolen clothes among others. Most washing machines provide such options to wash clothes in the time range of 60-180 minutes depending on the type of clothes washed.
  • Some machines offer the facility of daily wash with a fixed time limit resulting in water and energy economy.
  • Heavily soiled clothes can be presoaked and then put in the washing machine using one of the normal washing cycles.
  • Special modes for clothes that can be damaged if washed in the regular process are provided in leading brand machines. An example is a delicate and woolen washing facility in the machine for such clothes.

Buyer’s Guide for Checking Washing Features

Most buyers prefer to buy branded washing machines because they consider it safer. This Buyer’s guide on washing machine tells you to look for features, which you need. You will find in the market many top brands offering washing machines like LG, Samsung, and others. One of the important features found in a guide book of top brands like IFB, Samsung, or LG washing machine guide is the information of RPM or rotation per minute of the drum in the washing machine. If the number is on the higher side it will mean that the machine is efficient in squeezing water off the clothes after washing.

Some leading brands also give the customer the facilities of changing the RPM rate of the drums according to the type of clothes washed in it. Another important washing feature available on quality machines is that of temperature control. This feature allows the user to control the temperature of the water and too cold to wash the clothes to save energy consumption and money.

Use of Artificial Intelligence in Washing Machines

many top brands marketing washing machines use the Fuzzy Logic feature that helps automatic controlling of –

  • Water intake matching the weight of clothes put inside the machine;
  • Amount of detergents to be used; and
  • Duration of cycles.

They are also given importance in the brand-specific such as the IFB, Whirlpool, LG, and some other washing machine for the buyers. The use of artificial intelligence in branded machines is not usually indicated on the control panel or guide as such. Instead; they refer to it as a program only. Some top brands like Samsung use the name Fuzzy Logic as you can find in the Samsung washing machine guide. On the other hand in a Whirlpool washing machine, it is referred to as the 6th sense.

Additional Features to Look For

In This buyer’s guide on a washing machine, I want to tell you that there are some additional features you may like to check while buying a washing machine. These are –

  • Time delay that can help taking out clothes after loading them before the washing starts;
  • LED display of the indicator that helps you check the time remaining for washing and mode of washing;
  • Bubble washes for cleaning the clothes thoroughly. An example is the Eco Bubble feature in the Samsung washing machine.
  • Dryer for complete drying of washed clothes.

Washing machines are time and effort-saving and thus life-changing devices. Since buying a good washing machine means substantial one-time investments you should trade with care and caution while selecting one. With this buyer’s guide on washing machines, I tried to tell you how to make an informed decision. You can use the information provided in a buying guide. It could be a general or product-specific one like the IFB washing machine guide among others.


Apart from above all budget also plays a role in buying such machines, But fortunately, you can always look for offers and cashback on washing machines

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