Choosing The best electric kettle in 2021 – Electric Buying Guide

There are numbers of electric kettles available in the market and all of them claim to be the best ones. Obviously, all of them can’t be the best. Choosing the best products depends entirely on need. Here we are discussing points that will help you in choosing the best electric kettle in 2021.

An electric kettle is a great appliance that helps in brewing several cups of tea or coffee within a few minutes at a low temperature. Best 10 Electric Kettle from India under 1000, reviews & buying guide now give you a shortlist of best electric kettle in India from where you could easily select the top most quality and durable product.

In electric kettles, there are three types of models that you could choose:

  1. Blown Fuel
  2. Pressure Cooker
  3. Dishwasher
  4. Toaster

Blown fuel kettles are those that use air like tea to boil and pressurized oil like gasoline for heating up.

Pressure cookers are those where water is poured on top of the hot element and the bottom part of the unit where the hot element is located,

A dishwasher toaster is a self-contained unit that cleans the unit after usage.

Toaster electric kettles are those with warming plates, removable racks & removable bowls that can be used to add salt or sugar as per your desire.

There is a wide range of models for all your tea-related needs at home. If you have decided to buy the best electric kettle in India to meet your requirements, read this buying guide for an electric kettle.


Things to consider to find the best electric kettle


Should be Fast in heating

Usually, electric kettles are faster than a microwave or traditional kettles. Some of them even claim to boil water within 3 minutes. I recommend rad the claim and verifying with the review if there’s any. Since you have an option to pick a faster kettle it’s worth looking for.

The capacity of the kettle

By capacity I mean, how much water the kettle can hold. And yes, it entirely depends on your need. Electric kettles are certainly more useful than just heating water. Some people have even used for cooking rice (I am not joking). So capacity certainly plays role in picking the best electric kettle for you. Kettles offers a range of 500ml to 2 Lt. For a small family 1lt is good enough as you can make 3-4 large cups of tea or coffee in one go. If you need more then you can look for 1.5-2Lt.

Material for durability

Typically electric kettles are available in three materials or a combination of these three

  • Plastic Body
  • Glass Body
  • Steel Body

Plastic body kettles are lighter in weight and their outer body doesn’t get as heated as in steel body or glass. But still, it’s advisable to refrain from choosing a plastic body until you have a low budget.

Glass Body kettles are extremely elegant in look but are delicate and must be handled with care, Also they are quite heavy. In my opinion, I wouldn’t go for that until I am sure that I’ll use that in the kitchen only.

Stainless Steel body kettles are lighter than glass but are quite strong. Yes, its exterior gets heated a bit but not up to a dangerous level.

In my opinion, Stainless steel body is a sound choice.

Safety measures available in the kettle

Look for kettles that have the feature of automatic shutdown after boiling water to a certain extent or when there’s not enough water to boil

Avoid the Noisy kettles

You definitely do not want kettles that produce too much noise when boiling water. High-quality kettles often do not produce noise (almost noiseless).


Ease of use

Electric kettles are often quite easy to use. They are simply a plug-and-play kind of thing. But then there are kettles which come with many presets which makes life even simpler.

These presets are temperature ranges defined for different purposes like boiling water or making tea etc. If your requirement for an electric kettle is not limited to just making tea then you might wanna take a look at it.

Cordless or Cord, choose portability

Electric kettles are available in a corded or cordless manner. Cordless electric kettles come with a base that is wired. All you need to do is, plug the base and put the kettles on the base. Once the water is heated you may detach the kettle from the base and take it wherever you want. It brings flexibility in use and hence it’s recommended.


Electric kettles are quite budget-friendly. But if you look for smart kettles then prices will only go high. Depending on your requirement and budget you can find many options which suit both your need and pocket.


Handle of the Kettle

Plastic body kettles are not very much recommended but always prefer a kettle with a plastic handle as that would stay cool all time and will be much much easier to handle all time.

I guess now you know just as much to find the best electric kettles to suit your needs. But if you wanna read more, here are some features of an electric kettle that make it a super awesome kitchen appliance.


Features of electric kettles

Energy-efficient: Electric kettles consumes very little energy and fulfill your needs. It is fast and safe as well.

Easy to use: Electric kettles are safe and easy to use. If you are not picking the kettle which is full of preset, then electric kettles are pretty much plug-and-play devices.

Auto Shutdown: If you are busy working on something and cooking your tea at the same time then features like timer or auto-shutdown do the needful on your behalf.

Versatility: The use of electric kettles is not limited to just-tea or boiling water. You may even boil eggs, or cook a small amount of rice if you want. even boiling your potatoes are possible. So if someone asks Are electric kettles worth it? Say yes with a big smile.



From the above discussion, I would say the kettle I would recommend would have the below features:

  • 1.5L capacity
  • Steel body
  • Produces lesser noise
  • Cordless
  • Should come with auto-shutdown feature or timer option


Hope you found this worth reading. You may also look for other buying guides on


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Frequently Asked Questions

Are glass kettles safer than stainless steel?

Glass kettles come with treated glass, So be assured that you do not need to worry about the heat but again it’s glass so it’s fragile. Glass kettles look great and in most cases, these are cordless which is recommended. But on the other hand steel kettles retain their color for years to come and are much much stronger. They are cheaper than glass kettles. I would say Steel kettles are better than glass kettles

Are electric tea kettles worth it?

I would say every bit. Electric kettles are super versatile and very easy to use. It consumes less energy and comes with many handy features which makes it a must-buy for your kitchen.

Is it OK to leave water in a kettle?

You may if it’s only for a few hours, not for a longer time as it leaves scales and may get contaminated by the scales on the base of the kettle.

How to Clean Electric kettle

Here’s a super useful video that I personally recommend


Which brand of the kettle is the best?

In my opinion, you may rather look into the features of kettle rather than brand and choose the best option available for you.

Below are the brands which are making the best electric kettles in India

  • Bajaj
  • Pigeon
  • prestige
  • Kent
  • Butterfly

Is electric kettle base is same for all capacity?

The base of electric kettle depends on two factors

  • Design
  • Capacity

Design: There are few kettles, which despite lesser capacity choose a larger base. The reason is mostly, look. It’s a design decision.

Capacity: To attain a certain capacity the base has to be wide enough, otherwise the kettle might topple. So, yes electric kettle base is different for different capacities.

Can I get the glass jar of a electric kettle?

If you mean to buy particularly, just the Glass jar of electric kettle, then-No. Although, Obviously you can buy Glass jar electric kettle itself.

While cooking in an electric kettle should we off the ceiling fan of the room?

No, It’s not needed. The heat is generated by a coil in the base of the kettle which is not affected by the fan.

kya train ke switchboard me electric kettle lga skte hain?

No, Mostly electric kettles work on 220v-240v, and supplies in Indian train coaches are just 110, which is good enough to charge the phone but not for operating an Electric kettle.

Can electric kettle be used without lid?

Yes, but it’s unsafe.

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