The Best Kitchen Chimney Buying guide – 2021

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your house. It is the source of all kinds of aromas. It is every chef’s dream to work in an odorless and fume-free kitchen. Vents alone aren’t enough to keep your kitchen conducive. And that’s where the chimney concept steps in.

Kitchen chimney is a European notion where cooking involves less frying, so oils and fumes are relatively low in these kitchens. Chimneys were imported from Italy and sold abroad without considering the needs of Indian kitchens where cooking involved a lot of frying and a long cooking period. These chimneys featured low suctions and carbon filters for recirculation of air without ducts.

A chimney is not a mere decorative as many folks think. Of course, the modern chimneys decorate and make your kitchen stylish. But that’s not what it was meant for. Chimneys are designed to make your kitchen smokeless, odorless, and oil-free.

Once you’ve decided to install a kitchen chimney, you may still need to know whether you should choose a manual clean chimney or an auto clean chimney. There is no doubt about the reality that a better chimney plays a massive role in keeping the kitchen tidy and clearing all kinds of dirt, oils, and smoke. An auto-clean chimney is quite advanced and has an oil collector to suck oil particles and fumes. In contrast, a manual clean chimney doesn’t have such advanced features. Therefore, oil and grease will clog in the filters, which will need regular cleaning.

So, are you fed up with a smoky and oily kitchen? Of course, that might be the case, and you may well need to know an efficient chimney as well as the installation costs. Read on.


Kitchen Chimney Buying Guide


Factors to consider before purchasing a kitchen chimney

There are quite a number of factors to consider before buying a kitchen chimney. These factors include:

The size of the kitchen: Chimneys suck up smoke and oily vapor making your kitchen clean and conducive for your cooking habits. So, before purchasing one, observe your kitchen area and check the ventilation. This is important, and it will let you know the size of the chimney you need.

Filter type: they are used at every air-handling stage, and they are categorized into three, namely cassette filter, baffler filter, and carbon filter. Baffler filter is considered to be the best alternative for Indian kitchens.

Chimney type: chimneys are categorized into four, namely wall-mounted chimney, island chimney, built-in chimney, and corner chimney. Here, your kitchen structure and internal construction will determine the alternative you’ll choose.

The size of the chimney: always purchase a chimney size that corresponds to the HOB you are using in terms of measurement.

Auto-clean or normal: auto-clean clean chimneys are the best oil collectors. Additionally, they are durable and easy to clean than normal chimneys.

Costs and designs: always ensure that the design matches and complements your kitchen. Based on the design, conventional chimneys are stainless steel made, and they’re available as a straight-line model. On the other hand, contemporary kitchen chimneys are quite stylish and expensive.

Maintenance: it is recommendable to purchase a chimney that requires less maintenance. Also, install a kitchen at a lower height for easy cleaning.


Types of kitchen chimney

The type of kitchen chimney you want to buy primarily depends on the structure of your kitchen structure as well as where you’ll locate the cooking platform, HOB, and stove. Kitchens are categorized based on where you can fit. For instance:

Wall-mounted chimney: It is usually fit against the wall and cooktop. Also, the hob is located next to the wall.

Island chimney: With the island chimney, the cooking platform is located at the center of the kitchen and away from the wall.

Built-in chimney: Built-in chimneys are fitted inside the kitchen wood furniture and work against the wall.

Corner chimney: Just as the name suggests, it is usually located at the kitchen corner, where the kitchen platform is located against the wall.

Kitchen chimney filters

Based on the material, structure, and filtering processes, chimney filters are categorized into three:

Mesh filter

It is a chimney filter with several layers of aluminum or stainless steel mesh filters to trap oil particles as it allows smoke to escape. However, mesh filters need high maintenance.

Baffle filters

Baffler filters are common in Indian chimneys. It is an advancement in aluminum wire mesh filters. According to chimney experts, baffler filters are 30% effective than mesh filters.

Carbon filter

Carbon filters are common in water purifiers. However, we can have them in our chimneys as well. They remove the bad kitchen odor and greasy particles.


The bottom line

Kitchen chimneys play a massive role in making our work easier and keeping our kitchen smoke-free. This is my advice to you – choose the best kitchen chimney based on your preference. This will not only make your work easier but will also save you dollars.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which one should I choose between ducted and non-ducted?

If you have an alternative, you should certainly go for a ducted kitchen chimney, as they’re the best in most cases. A ducted kitchen chimney clears fumes and smoke as well as humidity, keeping your kitchen cool and fresh. On the other hand, non-ducted chimneys allow air recirculation, hence getting rid of smoke and fumes only. Additionally, with non-ducted chimneys, you’ll need to replace filters at least twice a year. Failure to which they won’t perform effectively. Also, the absorption reduces when the filters get filled up. So, it will be better if you go for convertible chimneys that can be both used as ducted and non-ducted.

Is an exhaust fan necessary in a kitchen with a chimney?

The exhaust fan is intended to outlet the smoke and bad kitchen odor only but not oil particles. On the other hand, the kitchen chimney features a powerful suction motor and filters, making it capable of venting out all the smoke, oil, and greasy particle from the kitchen.

Should I choose an auto-clean chimney?

The auto-clean kitchen chimney has advanced features to increase its durability and the functioning of the suction filter. Advanced features prevent oil and greases from clogging in the filter, thus improving its efficiency.

Which one should I choose between Faber and Elica?

Elica has one of the most powerful and silent kitchen chimneys, while Kaf provides good after-sales service. On the other hand, Faber has a few of the most top kitchen chimneys. To cut a long story short, go for Elica.

Which one is better between a chimney with a filter and a filterless chimney?

The maintenance cost of a filterless chimney is zero! The position of the motor makes a clear path for smoke and air. So ill advise you to go for filterless chimneys.

How do I select a chimney size?

Many of the kitchen chimneys are available in typical sizes of 60cm and 90cm. As I had mentioned earlier, the size of the chimney depends on the size of the stove. So choose the right size that corresponds to the size of your stove.

At what height should a kitchen chimney be fixed?

The distance of the chimney from the stove should range between 26 to 30 inches.

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